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Unreasonable passion, irrational exuberance

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Daniel Yudkin

I live in fear.  I roam the city’s parks and gardens with the desperation of a marked man.  Each day brings with it new terrors, new clues, new uncertainties.  Any day now, any day, it could happen: it could be the last T-shirt day of the year. So I must capitalize, live each day like it’s my last!  Today I hopped on a Velib bike and went up to Park Monceau, the family park.  Here in the evening, before the warmth of the sun loses out to chilliness in the air, dads jog away the stress from the day, moms push strollers down gravelly paths, and West African nannies gather in groups to gossip while their little white quaffed charges ruin their perfect corduroy outfits in the mud or attempt with zero regard for landing place and the potential deadliness of their projectiles to knock chestnuts out of trees with toys and sticks.

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