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Unreasonable passion, irrational exuberance

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Misty-eyed, and not (just) from mesquite smoke

Daniel Yudkin

It was my last day today at the restaurant.  Mark the manager sent me off with all the bells and whistles appropriate for a grand send-off: a $40 paycheck and  his Dakota-logo business card.   I will miss many things: the cooks barking orders across the sound of the grill, the marble-eyed elk heads adorning the bare-wood dining room walls, the constant Lady Gaga and Kanye West blasting from the dishwashers' hits radio station.   I've learned the best way to sweep one-handed an entire T-bone into a small dustbin, how to decorate a Manhattan, and how to smile and nod when someone gets up from their table, accosts you in the middle of the restaurant, tells you that since it's been 25 minutes since they ordered and it's obviously your fault, YOU should decide which they should miss: their dinner or their show, "Hamlet: an Interpretive Dance."But I will miss the people most of all, the coworkers.

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