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Unreasonable passion, irrational exuberance

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It's a love/hate relationship

Daniel Yudkin

Judging by Deedlometer tallies it appears that everyone loves it when bad stuff happens to me (thrown water-bottles, punches, spits, etc.).  So you readers may be thrilled to hear about yet another hardship I have undergone for the sake of maximizing the French cultural experience.  No, I'm not going to tell the story of why you can add three counts to the "Daniel got punched in the face" list because for some reason I thought it was a good idea to play the pacifist and kept trying to shake the hand of a drunk and hate-filled Pakistani who found out I was American on the street outside a bar late last night (true story).  Instead I'm going to tell you about the plumber in my building who finds my modest running regimen entirely inadequate--and lets me know it.

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