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Unreasonable passion, irrational exuberance

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True Heroism

Daniel Yudkin

I’m going to be completely honest: if everyone at birth is allotted a certain amount of hero-points to use over the course of their lifetime, then this weekend I blew mine all at once.

A few days ago, the entire town of Pearl Lagoon gathered for a big parade honoring a man who has literally spent his entire life devoted to the community. His name is Ray Hooker, and he’s the boss of the organization I work for and the reason I’m here and the reason the school I work for exists in the first place. He’s a monolithic man, well over six feet tall, sage-like in demeanor and so slow and deliberate in his speech that you get the feeling he never said a word he didn’t mean in his life. It’s as if every word that comes out of his mouth is so painstakingly and wisely, WISELY chosen that it needs extra time to marinate in the cerebrum and larynx before coming to the surface in audible form. He’s someone who after meeting you feel an untraceable certainty will live on in myth long after his own death. It’s kind of awe-inspiring.

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