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Unreasonable passion, irrational exuberance

I can barely sleep...

Daniel Yudkin

Imagine if Christmas came more often than it does.  Imagine it came not once a year or once a month, not even once a week, but THREE TIMES A WEEK.  Then you start to have an idea of how incredible being a waiter is: IT'S A HOLIDAY BASICALLY EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK!!! Let me explain.  Tonight was one of my favorite holidays.  Tonight.  Was SALT AND PEPPER Night!!!!!!

Word get's out quickly when it's Salt and Pepper Night.  People start talking about it close to the beginning of their shifts. The younger staff's eyes light up, while the older generation nods sagely and says, "yes, yes it is: it is Salt and Pepper night tonight."  We all begin mentally preparing from the very beginning, because when it comes to the end of your shift, if you're not ready for Salt and Pepper Night, you will be left in the dust, ostracized and ridiculed by everyone from Food-runners all the way up to the management.  You'll probably be tempted to quit your job, frankly, if you are not ready for Salt and Pepper Night when the time is nigh.

When the moment arrives, there is a faintly audible buzz coming from the kitchen.  And if you were to put your little head up to the smudged glass window stamped in the center of the swinging kitchen door, this is what you'd see: every staff member, more than a dozen in all, has collected their salt and pepper shakers and is emptying them into large bins, then scraping out the stuff stuck to the inside of the shaker, then putting them all in a rack to be washed.  That's right: the Dakota Restaurant ensures that your salt and pepper shakers are cleaned weekly to provide the best possible....


I don't know why they do it actually.  Hygiene?  Really?

But anyway there's also Coffee Cup Night, Shelf Night and oo!  My favorite!  High Dusting Night, where we wipe all the high surfaces, apparently to make sure no thick dust bunnies filter down unexpectedly on guests heads or meals, possibly to be confused with the rice pilaf.